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Friday we are giving Claire away. In theory we will be able to get her back when we move to a place that allows pets and has more room for her to run around, but this clause of the Giving Up does nothing to lessen my sadness.

Here are some pics of my Clairebeast over the last three weeks.

In the car

First day in the House of Awkward

Enjoying California Sun

Desperately Trying To Find Familiar Things

Asleep on my lap

Kitty, this is the best thing for you, but I will miss you. :-(
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I made a lightbox for taking pictures (you know, of like, knitted stuff. Or stuff. Or maybe I was just bored on a Saturday morning).

Jim "helped".


pictures of the lightbox in action )
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I've been meaning to write a Decade in Review post since the end of December, but, well, y'know. I'm lazy and all.

So. Some quick summaries, with vague highlights as they stand out in my memory. I'd look things up, but all my paper journals (dating back to freakin' 1992) are still in Reno in my parents' shed in the backyard. So yeah, all from (terrible) memory.

The end of my freshman year of high school. Finally got over my first love. Had the whole David not-dating saga. Slapped a boy for the first time. Got flowers for my 15th birthday from Michael--the first time a boy ever gave me flowers. Taught archery to other girls at summer camp. Joined the yearbook staff. Met and fell in love with George.

Sophomore/junior year of high school. Got braces. Turned sweet 16 and had a Renaissance-themed birthday. Went to France with my mother (best two weeks ever). Became Assistant Editor of the yearbook and really did the job of editor-in-chief. Had alcohol without parental supervision for the first time--didn't like it.

Junior/senior year of high school. George at one point said something nice to me and I got teary-eyed. To cover, I told him I was a sentimental sap and cried at everything, including stupid commercials. Confused, he looked at me and said, "Canned peaches, on sale now." I laughed and pretended that yes, this was the sort of thing I would cry at.
George graduated and I spent the entire ceremony sobbing. Afterward we met up and he said he had a gift for me. I was trying to hide how upset I was and was presenting a smiling face, until he pulled out a can of peaches and smacked it down on the concrete wall next to us. "Look, a can of peaches!" I burst into tears.
I became editor-in-chief of the yearbook. Mom took me to visit colleges. I fell in love with Santa Cruz. I remember very little else of this period.

Senior year of high school. Got my first kiss in January. Cried when I got my acceptance letter to UCSC, which I opened in the yearbook room, where I lived. Braces off. Convinced George to come home from college to take me to prom. Graduated. Sobbed to be leaving.
Spent the entire summer working 60-hour weeks at the video store. Made barely $2k.
Kissed George.
Failed to learn to surf.
Started college.
Met Jamie. World changed forever. Lost innocence.

End of first year of college. Was... 19, in so many ways. So immature, so full of passion, so very confused about life.
Got first lab job. Fell in love with organic chemistry. Changed life plan from marine biology to biochemistry.
Took a class with Harry Noller. Fell further in love with molecules and biochemistry.
Spent Christmas with Nanny.

Nanny died. World changed forever.
Nearly failed physics, a subject which to this day still does not make sense in my head.
Mom got pregnant. I had surgery to see if I had endometriosis and if my uterus was actually functional.
TAed for a high school program at UCSC.
Worst summer I've ever had.
Got back together with Jamie. Ran in the First Rain Naked Run (so glad I did that-definitely a Life Experience). Applied to graduate schools.

Got into Yale. FREAKED OUT. Sister born. Broke up with Jamie for NO GOOD REASON.
Had best spring quarter in the history of the world--climbed, drank local beer, learned photography, spoke French, casually flirted with amazingly hot French guy but never got anywhere. Turned 21.
Graduated from college a full year early. Bought a car and left everything I loved behind. Moved to Connecticut.
Had completely disastrous attempt at normal relationship.
Started graduate school. Hated it. Loved it. Could not make up mind.
Saw New York for the first time. Fell horribly in love with it.
Developed crush on guy both my close girl friends dated before I could make up my mind about whether I wanted to or not.
Learned to cook a turkey.
Learned to knit.

Continued to hate and love graduate school. Got very, very depressed.
Joined genetics lab. Still not sure why.
Enjoyed a six-month-long secret relationship that ultimately went nowhere but was a great experience anyway.
Was convinced to qualify early. This went badly.
Started a real relationship.
Bought a cat.

Decided to drop out of Yale. Spent six months actually working up the courage to do this. Was convinced to go on medication for depression--was horrified and relieved when it actually worked.
Went off medication as soon as humanly possible. Was relieved to not relapse into depression.
Left Connecticut, breaking ties. The day I left Connecticut is etched very painfully into my memory. I remember the temperature, the colors, the sounds... Mike, Eliz, Kristy, Emily, Andrew, I miss you all so much.
Drove back across country. Burst into tears when the Rockies came into view. Mountains!
Was taken in by amazing aunt and uncle. Got job in local university bookstore. Wondered where the hell life had gone wrong and what the hell I was doing with myself.
Got depressed.
Fell in love with Jim.

Fell further in love with Jim. Uncle diagnosed with all kinds of cancer. Moved to Michigan for lack of anywhere else to go. Got job as medical editor.
Wondered where the hell life had gone wrong and what the hell I was doing with myself.
Slowly got life back on track in my head.
Applied to graduate schools.
Managed not to destroy relationship, which still baffles (and delights!) me.
Knit 18 feet of garter stitch and learned to knit lace.
Started to feel like an adult.

Goals for 2010?
Get into UCSF. Knit more lace. Knit for other people. Stop being so selfish.
Hit quarter-century mark. Have giant party.
Move to California. Buy house. Be deliriously happy.
Start graduate school over again. Be incredibly stressed out. Drink coffee. Love every second.
Convince Jim we should get second cat.
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Merry Christmas!
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 I just realized I haven't even really posted text in a while.  Man, I'm such a blog slacker.

The last few weekends have been so much fun.  Three weeks ago Jim and I went to a beer festival with two of our good friends.  Jim doesn't drink, but the rest of us sampled all sorts of different beers from microbreweries all over Michigan.  The best one I tasted was actually from a brewery about two miles from where Jim's parents live, so we've resolved to go back there so I can buy a warehouse full of their beer.  Jim drove us all to our weekly Friday night tabletop gaming group after the beer festival, which was quite amusing.  The group is up to about 10 people now, which is absurd for a tabletop adventuring group, but somehow it is usually still fun.

The following weekend the same friend who hosts the tabletop game threw a huge party for his Warcraft guild.  They are on the same server Jim and I play on, and we knew a bunch of the members (including one of the people who went to the beer festival with us, and who only comes to this part of the state on rare occasions), so we were invited as well.  It took up most of a Saturday night and lasted well into the small hours of Sunday morning and was just a fantastic get together.  I got to meet a couple of really awesome new people, too.  Afterwards I moved one of my characters into their guild so I could hang out with them online.

Last weekend we finally started back up with another tabletop gaming session that had been suspended for most of the summer while one of our group members bought a house and moved.  We finally met up in his basement, along with two new people, and even though we ended up spending literally half the time we were there helping the new guys create characters, we had a really fun evening.  The four of us who were playing ended up killing off a really scary level 6 bear of some sort, but Jim (who is the dungeon master) had rolled a 100 on his percentile dice (he rolls them to see how awful our random encounter is going to be, and 100 is the worst possible) decided that our victory over it had been too easy and that with a 100 we probably should have died.  So he sent a level 11 elite dire bear after us.  We were level 3 and 4.

We killed it.

It was pretty much the best D&D moment ever.

This week I decided I needed to make some knitting friends, so I used the location search on Ravelry to find a group in this area.  I finally found one that had active threads in their forum, so I introduced myself.  They get together on Wednesday nights about three miles from my apartment, so Wednesday I headed over there and met up with 3 of them.  We sat outside (it was a beeeeaaauuuutiful evening) and knitted for about 3 hours.  I was by far the youngest, but they were very nice women and it was fun to be able to talk knitting.  Also, they told me about the Michigan Fiber Festival, which is this weekend on the other side of the state, and when I expressed interest, one of them offered me a ride!!  So I am meeting her at her house tomorrow morning at 6 am and we're going to drive across the state so I can fondle pretty pretty yarns.

Also this week, Jim and I decided we needed a break from Warcraft, so we're going Tuesday to Tuesday without logging in at all.  The funny thing is, what I miss is not playing my max-level characters.  What I really want to do is log in and level some of my level 20-something characters on different servers.  I think the time for an extended break from Warcraft is imminent, though.  Just not really enjoying the experience anymore.

Also also this week, my boss told me I can start working full time.  He got me a new computer, so I don't have to shuffle around where I'm working depending on what day it is, what time of day it is, and who else is in the office (Thursdays were the worst; I had to use 3 different computers on Thursdays based on who was in the office and what times they worked).  So I now have a Real Job(tm).  Still poor though!  Cross your fingers he gives me a raise to go with the new full-time status.

Lastly, one of my friends from the tabletop gaming groups decided he wants a Dr. Who scarf.  It is a foot-wide, 14-foot-long monstrosity in 8 colors.  I originally estimated it would take me 12 weeks to knit it.  But I am getting paid!  Also it is taking a fraction of the time I predicted.  I'm a quarter through after only about 2.5 weeks of knitting (which I guess means it will still take 10 weeks, but hey, 5/6 is still a fraction.......).
I would post current pictures of my progress, but apparently Jim has my camera at his parents' house, where he is documenting the process of putting a new engine in his car (the old one blew up last week)(no one was hurt).

Aaaaand I post more pictures. )

Also, I'm pretty sure this entry in itself proves that I never was, nor ever will be, cool.  
tabletop games + Warcraft + knitting + crazy cat lady = completely uncool
Maybe the bit about the beer festival helped?
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 pirate yowl! by you.
This was actually a yawn.   So attractive!

Closeup by you.
Just playing with the macro feature on my camera, and seeing exactly how much I can annoy Claire before she bites me.

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She bites! )
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 Our apartment has pets!

Lots of pictures below.

Clicky! )
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 I need to get Claire to Detroit from Reno.

United doesn't fly out of Reno.  Continental doesn't fly out of Reno.  American has a summer embargo on pets as cargo.  Southwest doesn't allow pets at all yet.  Delta has a summer embargo.  US Airways doesn't have cargo out of Reno.  Northwest doesn't have cargo out of Reno.

It looks like I have to GO to Reno to get Claire, and bring her back as carry-on.


Anyone want to lend me a weekend and several hundred bucks?
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I had sooo much energy last night. I was really wound up and had a really hard time falling asleep. Finally I moved out to the couch and was out within 5 minutes (how does it do that?? it must be a magical couch).

Before that, my brain was just going and going and going with all the stuff that went on this week.

First, and dorkiest, there was a huuuuge content patch in WoW. We got a whole new dungeon to explore, and Tuesday night we made our first foray into it. It's much, much harder than the last one (yay! a challenge!). And it's a lot of fun. We spent 3 hours Tuesday night messing around and trying to learn the new fights and mechanics... and only got one boss down. Last night we went in there again to try to make more headway... and spent 3 hours practicing on one boss. Never killed him, though we got him to 5% twice and 3% once. It was actually a lot of fun. Everyone in there was excited about the new encounter, and we made noticeable progress in learning the fight, so it didn't feel like we were wasting our time (though I spent about 200 gold on repairs because we died so many times, and I think I used about 8000 arrows).

Second, I need a second jooooob. There is a dearth of legit writing/editing jobs at the moment, for whatever reason, so I think I might start looking at local bookstores/yarn shops. I mean, as long as I'm looking for something part time that I can schedule around the pathology textbook job, it might as well be something that would be pretty flexible. Bonus points if I can read and/or knit while I work!

Third, Jim and I have been tinkering with the idea of moving out. I'll need a second job, and he'll need a first job, but I think we've found a good place to go. Hopefully we can get the financial ducks in order and move into our own place. The place we like is a third floor 1-bedroom that gets a lot of sun in the afternoon and evening, looks out over a dirt road and a bunch of trees, allows cats for no extra money, and was recently renovated (new carpets, appliances, paint, doors, etc). And it's extremely reasonable. Also it's closer to D&D, which means we will only be spending half a million dollars every month in gas instead of a whole million dollars.
And I could have Claire back!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to the nerdy WoW thing... our guild leader and I have had some friction lately, but Tuesday during the first run through the new dungeon we actually had a pretty good talk. It was really cool. Hopefully there will be more of that in the future. I don't think either of us is really entirely sure why we were fighting (I mean, I know what we were fighting about, but it was all stupid), so maybe this is a step back toward being friends. That would be cool.

Also, Jim bought me some yarn. It was on sale for $3 a ball on Knitpicks, so I got enough in black to make another Clapotis for myself. An elegant one I can wear to fancy places like operas and whatnot. Yaaay!

So yeah. Lots of fun stuff going on.


The one sad thing is that I took my blue mug to work on Tuesday. It's the mug I got in college, the smallish blue one that I had in the dorms... it was the first mug I got when I moved out, and I used it all through college as a coffee mug, water mug, tea mug, soy milk mug... I think I even drank rum out of it.
When I got home Tuesday and stepped out of the car, I dropped the mug on the ground. It broke into about 7 or 8 pieces. I tried to superglue it back together... but it was like trying to tape a stained glass window back together. The edges were all jagged, I was missing teeny tiny bits... it was just bad. So I said goodbye to it and threw it away.
I just thought it deserved a public acknowledgment of a mug's life well lived. It was a good mug. I will miss it.


I may have to go home early today (you know, I say that all the time, but I never end up actually going home early...). I'm too hyper to actually get any work done. It's taken me 2 hours to write this (partly because I'm trying to do work) because I can't keep my thoughts coherent for more than about 3 minutes. I don't know what's up with me today!

I like it though.
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At long last, behold! Pictures of boyfriend.

These images aren't quite as screen-killing )
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I got a ton of unpacking done today and I feel very accomplished. I spent too much time surfing the net... but other than that I did get a lot done. I did three loads of laundry yesterday and have managed to fold it ALL and put it ALL away, which is a HUGE accomplishment for me, since I detest laundry with a fierce and violent passion. There are still a few boxes of things that need to be opened and gone through, and I could do another load or two of laundry... but I feel I've made a very, very good start on moving in. This space is awesome. Claire seems happy too. I tried to make her a cat tree out of cardboard boxes but it seems to have failed utterly. She is ignoring it. I think it's too small.

I'm doing another meme because everyone else did it and now I feel left out.

Crazy 8's

8 Things I’m passionate about
alpaca yarn
my guild in WoW (they're such awesome people. really.)
science fiction and fantasy novels
various political issues
the ocean

8 Things I want to do before I die
visit Ireland
and Greece
and Italy
Live in France for >3 months
own a house
have no debt
Write a novel (NaNoWriMo, I'm lookin at you!!)
Feel "happy" with my life

8 Things I do now
help run aforementioned guild in WoW
play with Claire
get bitten by Claire when not playing with said Claire
Look for jobs
Fail to get said jobs
drink tea

Things I can not do
go back to graduate school
go back to the east coast
make Claire stop biting me
sleep less, apparently. whyyyy do I sleep so much??

8 Things I often say
Oh crap
freakin awesome
I can teach you to knit!
We should get sushi
No, I haven't seen that movie
Where are my keeeeysss
I need a job

8 Favorite foods
Sushi, specifically salmon sashimi
Steak. Nice big tender ones cooked medium rare. MMMMMmmmmm.
vanilla ice cream
vanilla yogurt
cheeeese. of all sorts.
Enchiladas full of cheese and nothing else
Pizza with sausage and pepperoni

Now I want dinner.

Two things

Oct. 10th, 2008 12:55 pm
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1. It is snowing quite fervently here.

2. Claire discovered Wednesday night that mice like to live in our kitchen, under the cupboards. We've always had a problem with them, although it's usually not a ginormous problem. Anyway, the cat immediately stationed herself in front of the dishwasher and took up staring diligently at the floorboards. Late Wednesday night Mom and I saw her dart her paw up underneath it and we distinctly heard mouse squeaks. But Claire didn't quite catch it.

So Claire spent most of yesterday in the kitchen, staring at the bottoms of the cupboards. Finally last night I took her into my room so we could open up the dog door for Cassie to come in and out. I settled in to chat with friends and play Warcraft on the computer while Claire curled up and went to sleep. Around some ridiculously ungodly hour of the morning, I SAW THE MOUSE. It ran from under the desk to over by my basket of knitting supplies (MOUSE, DON'T YOU TOUCH THAT WEDDING BLANKET!!), so I stood up, picked up Claire (who looked up at me with sleepy eyes and said, "What the? Mom, I was sleeping!"), set her down on the floor next to the knitting basket, and picked up the basket. The mouse SHOT out and ran back underneath Claire's legs to get back under the desk. Claire jumped about six inches straight up, went berserk, and chased the mouse back and forth across the room for a good half hour. Finally it went into one of my empty suitcases, so Claire jumped in and together we sort of batted the mouse around (it had gone under the lining and I was trying to force it out so Claire could catch it). When it finally came out, she literally took a few swings at it and just sort of... batted it back and forth. I decided that she really had no idea what to DO with a mouse now that it had been "caught" (plus, it occurs to me now that I really probably didn't want her to do what cats do with mice, at least not in my bedroom), so I grabbed the terrified little thing by the tail and... stood helplessly in the middle of the room for a second, not having any idea what to do with it. Finally I just took it out into the backyard and flung it over the back fence.

I feel bad now, since it's out alone in the snow after having suffered a pretty traumatic night.
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Rawr. I meant to write earlier this week.
Really long entry about what's happened this week )
I've been thinking that my best option right now is probably to go back to Utah. I need to call my aunt and uncle and ask about a few things, but I really think that the "apartment" they offered would be perfect while I try to find a job and get back on my own feet. Claire needs the room to run around without me worrying about her escaping, and I need the room to move around and feel like there's actually a space for me. A WELCOMING space. Cause there's a lot of stuff I could add to this entry about the social dynamic this week... and it hasn't been fun for me. I remember now why I was so eager to move out after high school.


I played Spore on Friday at a friend's house. We got to the civilization stage. It was pretty awesome. When the price goes down I'll definitely pick up a copy.
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So that's Claire (she looks so innocent, eh? she's very feisty. I lub her). I was going to upload more pictures, but then I remembered they're still on my camera and my camera is in my suitcase and my suitcase is questionably still somewhere between here and Chicago, though I kind of suspect it's actually in Taiwan by now because, after four phone calls across eight hours today, the airport people still won't tell me exactly where my suitcase is or how long it will take for it to get here. So you may never get more pictures than these, and you'll probably never see pictures of my baby sister in a snowsuit being pulled up and down a small hill while screaming and trying to eat snow at the same time.
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So, I spent the weekend in Reno. And before that I spent Christmas and New Year's here in New Haven, largely by myself, and had a fabulous vacation during which I said I would go to work but really just sat around the house playing Warcraft and watching a TON of West Wing. And I got a kitten. She's a very tiny 11-month-old orange tabby whom I have finally decided to name Claire, although she was very nearly a Thomasina and a Guinevere. If I am not completely exhausted by the end of this post, I'll upload some pictures.

Christmas was great. I'm really glad I decided to stay here instead of spending it with my parents. I had a very low-key day. I cooked a turkey and had three of my labmates over, and we ate a ton of food and drank homemade eggnog and two bottles of wine and then watched the Emperor's New Groove. We also played cards and sat around talking for a while. I've got amazing labmates, and this is by far the best Christmas on memory. No stress, no pressure, no worrying about spending money on gifts people may or may not like. The week after was pretty similar. I didn't go into lab, even though I really should have. I think I really needed the time off (I think I could really use a decade off, after quals), and I didn't even have the energy to feel guilty about slacking (which is really saying something!!). I went cat-hunting for three days after Christmas and finally brought Claire home on December 30th.

For New Year's, Aaron had a couple people over, and we ate pizza and drank really terrible vodka and I learned how to play Guitar Hero. I'm fantastically bad at Guitar Hero. It was a great New Year's, and for the first year EVER I did not cry AND for the first year ever I had someone to kiss at midnight. It was great. Again, it was low-key and very relaxing and I just don't know why more people don't avoid going home for the holidays.

I went home on Thursday, just to spend this weekend with my parents and Elena, and we had a pretty good time. There was a huge blizzard on Friday and into Saturday, so Saturday morning we took Elena sledding, which really meant Phil pulled her up and down a small hill in a sled, while she yelled in her tiny two-year-old voice, "More? More?" Then she spent the rest of the weekend yelling, "No!! No!!!!" which we finally realized meant, "Snow," or, more accurately, "Please bring me a bowl of snow so I can eat it."
All in all, it was a pretty decent weekend. I had a couple of really good conversations with my mom, and I think I have largely decided that I'm sticking it out until the end of the semester and then I'm saying Screw You to graduate school and am finding something better to do with my life. I have no idea what that Something Better will be, or if I'll end up just taking a one-year leave of absence or a permanent opt-out, but at any rate it was neat to talk about leaving school with my mom and not have her tell me flat-out that it's a terrible idea and I'm wasting my life. We watched the series finale of Gilmore Girls Sunday night before I left and we both cried. It was a good bonding thing. I think we're doing better now.

Anyway, I feel a lot better now. Stuff with my mom is on the mend, my little sister is exponentially more fun than the last time I saw her and is clearly a brilliant little kid, I've decided I'm getting out of this miserable miserable grad school experience, I bought a cat, and I currently have a very good relationship with Aaron. I think my life is still in SERIOUS need of some shaping up and taping back together, but for this moment right now, I'm okay. I am not a trainwreck. At how many points in my life have I really been able to say that I'm not a trainwreck? It's kinda nice.

Unexpected babbling (and a strange dearth of commas) about the above decision that should maybe be in a friends-locked post but isn't going to be, so deal with it. )

I'm gonna go make some more tea now.


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