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Bleh. Okay.

[livejournal.com profile] snoopdawg posted on her journal a couple days ago with basically the following information: the Livejournal servers have apparently been moved to Russia, which makes LJ no longer subject to US laws about privacy. This is the source she linked.

One of the entries linked in that source is this one, which, along with [livejournal.com profile] snoopdawg's recommendation, led me down the rabbit hole of signing up for Dreamwidth, which uses the same code platform as LJ, but with a totally different business philosophy. I looked them up on Wikipedia too. It's really easy to import your journal to Dreamwidth. It took me about 30-40 minutes to do the research, make the decision to move, and start the import. Dreamwidth did the rest, and it looks like the full import of 13 years of entries and comments took about five hours to migrate over. I am pleased with this.

I don't know yet if I'm going to delete my Livejournal, but I've certainly been looking the other way for a good seven or eight years when they've done sketchy stuff, because I haven't had a good alternative. Now I have a good alternative.

If I had a large friends community I might hesitate more, but I think I only have three active readers these days. :-P

I'm making this entry from Dreamwidth. It should crosspost itself to LJ for me. Let's see how this goes!
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I just have to say something about all this. The woman just annoys the SHIT out of me.

Dude, she actually sued the federal government to take polar bears off the endangered species list. So they could drill for oil in the bears' habitat.This is what Ursula Vernon has to say on the topic.

Now, on top of that, Palin advocates abstinence-only sex education, which is just absolutely retarded. Anyone who knows anything about teenagers knows that telling them to use a condom isn't going to "confuse" them about whether or not they should be having sex. Perhaps the most ridiculous thing is that any abstinence-only program that's funded by the government is required to teach kids that "sexual activity outside of the context of marriage is likely to have harmful psychological and physical effects."
Yes. Having sex without being married will make you insane.


I'd also like to briefly mention her children, though I know Obama has said people's families are off-limits. She advocates abstinence-only sex education for teenagers, and is against abortion, but she's got an unmarried 17-year-old daughter who still hasn't finished high school. Look... I just think... if you're supporting abstinence-only sex education, not to mention the values of being married before having sex, maybe you shouldn't have an example of how you've failed at those goals as your own daughter. I'm NOT saying Bristol Palin has failed (it's not her fault no one taught her to use a condom), and while I'm sure her life is going to be ridiculously difficult from here on out, it's her choice. The problem I have is with Sarah Palin's abilities as a mother, which leave me little faith in her ability to lead a country.
And she has a 4-month-old baby with Down's Syndrome. How is she going to take care of this child if she's off being Vice President? I was under the impression that raising a baby took a lot of time and effort, more so for children with special needs. Maybe this is me actually being a little bit sexist, but I think a child that young and with such problems deserves to have his mother around.
Also... Trig? They named him Trig?

If she gets elected I'm jumping ship. I'm sure Europe has plenty of space for a nice young girl like me. Unless I'm too psychologically damaged from my out-of-wedlock sex.


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