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Bleh. Okay.

[livejournal.com profile] snoopdawg posted on her journal a couple days ago with basically the following information: the Livejournal servers have apparently been moved to Russia, which makes LJ no longer subject to US laws about privacy. This is the source she linked.

One of the entries linked in that source is this one, which, along with [livejournal.com profile] snoopdawg's recommendation, led me down the rabbit hole of signing up for Dreamwidth, which uses the same code platform as LJ, but with a totally different business philosophy. I looked them up on Wikipedia too. It's really easy to import your journal to Dreamwidth. It took me about 30-40 minutes to do the research, make the decision to move, and start the import. Dreamwidth did the rest, and it looks like the full import of 13 years of entries and comments took about five hours to migrate over. I am pleased with this.

I don't know yet if I'm going to delete my Livejournal, but I've certainly been looking the other way for a good seven or eight years when they've done sketchy stuff, because I haven't had a good alternative. Now I have a good alternative.

If I had a large friends community I might hesitate more, but I think I only have three active readers these days. :-P

I'm making this entry from Dreamwidth. It should crosspost itself to LJ for me. Let's see how this goes!
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Last night I had this really awful dream. I was driving an SUV (like, a GMC Jimmy. a red one.) and I had Jim, Kayla, and Clark with me. It was late at night and I was driving down a straight road, and I fell asleep. I swerved off the road and Jim verrrrry slowly reacted and tried to grab the steering wheel to correct, but we ended up rolling. Everyone was fine, but we were all strewn across this weird field and everyone was mad at me.

I realized that the problem with journaling these days is that I do it in bits and pieces all over the internet. I don't write anymore because I've already written all the things I have to say. Mostly I have Ravelry, where I can communicate more easily with knitting friends than I can through a blogging interface. And more recently I have Google+, which I can use to post all the things that make me go "Huh, that's interesting", and then I can have a discussion with people easily in the comments.

It does mean I'm doing less introspective writing. Like this post. And I don't write down my dreams anymore, which is sad. So, I don't know what the solution is. Telling myself I'm going to write in my journal every day never works, and if it did work I'd just produce a series of short, shallow paragraphs telling you what new weird dream I had last night and that it's raining again, and I'm not sure that's compelling writing for either your sake or mine.

Oh well. LJ just renewed my paid account for another year, so it's not like I'm thinking of leaving. This journal does still serve a purpose, even if I only use it once a month, and even if only half of those entries end up being visible to my friendslist.

In other news, I should really update my journal icons. I don't think I've changed any of them since like, early grad school.
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Things are going amazingly well. I'm starting to adjust to New Haven. I guess I don't have too much to report, except that I felt the desire to write. I've been doing a ton of writing in my paper journal lately, in an attempt to beat the habit back into myself. I'm sure that in twenty years I'll want my first year of graduate school--and my first impressions, and fears--recorded somewhere, so I'm doing my best to write down every thought and feeling I have. Which is, of course, completely impossible, and in twenty years I'll look at my journal and be completely dissatisfied with the amount of detail I've recorded.

I got sorta homesick for Santa Cruz last night, and I needed long-sleeve shirts for the impending cold that Connecticut promises, so I looked up the nearest American Apparel store and drove an hour to get there. I tried on about twenty different things, and miraculously ended up spending exactly the amount of money I'd allotted myself. $75 on the nose. I also spent about twenty minutes chatting with the guy behind the counter, who was flamingly gay and terribly sweet. We discussed the west coast and homesickness and how New Haven is "the city" to people who live in rural Connecticut.

Tonight Shannon (my new bff, I suppose, or at least my new partner in crime) and I are going to a show at the Yale Cabaret. They have a new show every week, and they're all student run and directed and acted and that sort of thing. I might get a ten-ticket pass and go as a regular thing. But I might have to wait until I get paid again to do that. The stipend is generous, and they send us a check every two weeks, and I just got my first one last week... but somehow I'm broke again already. I guess having a car really IS way more expensive than I anticipated. Y'all were right, those who told me so.

And in other news, several people have been complaining that we don't talk much anymore. In the spirit of this, and because I feel like there are a lot of people I don't talk to much anymore, I called a ton of you in the last couple weeks and left messages. And not a single one of you called me back.
If you feel like we don't talk and I didn't call you, it's because I got disheartened. You should call me.


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