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I don't really feel like typing much, so I'll just make this mostly pictures. Here's what I've done in the last month!

Worktable (much more organized now, and with lots more supplies; at some point I'll take an updated photo):

First practice piece - Skyrim logo on scrap leather, painted (am not happy with result of painting):

First piece of armor - Horde symbol wrist bracer (very pleased with result!):

Currently in progress - putting a map of Tamriel (the world of Skyrim and Morrowind) onto leather
Blank piece of leather:

Me tracing the map onto the leather (I first traced the design from paper onto tracing paper, and now have the tracing paper secured over the leather, which is very wet. using a stylus to trace over the lines causes a faint but permanent impression in the wet leather, which I will then go over with a knife to make sharp, deep cuts into the surface) (and yes, I always put my foot on the bench like that - it stabilizes me! :

The map, after all the traced lines have been cut:

Closeup of Vvardenfell/Morrowind:

Closeup of Cyrodiil (where Oblivion was set):

The next step with the map is to figure out how to do the lettering for the place names. I ordered some tiny letters and should have them this week, so hopefully I can stamp little tiny places names into the leather. Otherwise I'll have to resort to painting them on, which I've practiced and looks totally crappy. After I get the lettering sorted out, I can texture the water and then add color. I'll try to keep taking progress pictures. :-)

I actually have lots to write about, but I'm kind of exhausted and my brain isn't giving me coherent sentences, sooooo all you get is pictures today.

Also, wow, I have a million user icons and not one of them even remotely relates to this post. Probably because I last updated them like four years ago. I should do something about that...


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