Apr. 5th, 2017

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 We own a house!

This has been exhausting.

Good, but exhausting.

So far, homeownership can be characterized as "you must drive 30 minutes several times a week to meet contractors at the house at the crack of dawn, and then drive 30 minutes back to get to work on time" and "make four thousand phone calls to contractors" and "please arrive with a check".

We've had asbestos removed. We've treated for termites. We are removing a wall between the living and dining rooms, and installing recessed lighting in those rooms, and then having the hardwood floors refinished, and repainting all the walls, and replacing the baseboards, and installing crown molding. I am told this is a "small" job. 

I've been spending spare moments daydreaming about how to landscape. I want ALL THE NATIVE POLLINATORS. I want native bees, and butterflies, and moths, and even pollinating flies, though I reserve the right to tell them they are ugly when they arrive. In the pursuit of this goal, I have compiled a massive spreadsheet of California native plants, and tried to focus on which ones might be native to my new county, to determine what to plant.

We also want chickens, and a vegetable garden, so I have tabs in the spreadsheet for plants for those purposes (cucumbers and nasturtiums are natural de-wormers for chickens, did you know?). 

I deleted my LJ today. I am sad. But all the content is here, so there is nothing lost. Still sad though.


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